COLLECTIVE GREEN is a global collective of green thinkers and change makers promoting awareness and consciousness for the environment, sustainability and climate change.

We enjoy to explore, practice and share ideas of sustainable, eco-friendly and resource-saving living.

We aim to promote sustainability through the global dissemination of information and the presentation of worldwide projects as potential good practice.

Everybody is welcome to join and contribute!

We are always looking for fellow sustainable minds. You could become a collaborator by writing articles, translating articles, editing articles, or representing the blog on social media. Just get in touch with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Together we are Collective Green!



Environmentalist and researcher writing about conservation, the environment, sustainability and more.



Tell great stories about the issues that matter. An environmental journalist deeply in love with the wildlife and oceans.



Passionate explorer of forest gardens from around the world and designer of sustainable life in urban areas.

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Activities include presentations, workshops, school visits…

natural toothpaste workshop
presentation on food waste
sustainability in school
trash to treasure workshop at a music festival
fermenting at the City Flip-Flop exhibition
presentation at gREen salon Taipei